Everyday counts. A badass morning routine is how we make sure we get the best out of them.

How often do we let whole days slide by thinking we’ll start tomorrow, or Monday, or the new year, or even worse, without noticing we are doing it at all?

We get up after hitting snooze, rush to get ready, and head out the door to work. 

Or, we get up on a day off, make our coffee and head straight to the couch to watch television or surf the internet.

We have to realize what we do in the morning sets up the rest of our day and as each day goes by, we continue to run out of time to be the people we want to be and do the things we want to do.

By creating a badass morning routine we can set our day up for success, before the challenges of the day have the chance to get to us.

Admiral William H. McRaven, a Navy Seal, wrote about the importance of making his bed in the morning, that way no matter what happened to him throughout the day, he knew he started off the day doing something good. He even titled his book “Make Your Bed”. 

If we take control of our mornings, then we can take control of our days. Eventually, we can completely change our lives.

Whether our morning starts at 3AM, 11AM, or 8PM for those night shifters, here is how we can create a badass morning routine to get off to the right start during our waking hours.

Start the Night Before

To start our days off right, we need to have the proper rest and energy. 

Motivational talks that go on about no rest and lack of sleep are super inspirational, but it’s not sustainable if done incorrectly.

We have to recognize those statements mean don’t let rest and sleep take control of us.

Don’t be lazy. We don’t get in our six or eight hours of sleep then roll over for one or two more. That’s not what it means to get our rest.

We need to plan the night before, because that first morning will be difficult. The following few mornings will be even harder.

We will have to dig deep and be focused in the morning, and that means we didn’t lay in bed on social media for 3 hours before falling asleep.

We have to get focused the night before, do what we need to do, and when it is time to go to bed, we go to bed so we can get up and get to work in the morning.

If we don’t get our evening under control, our morning routine will suffer.

Get Motivated

This is going to mean something different for everybody and can change from time to time.

We need to do something we want to do when we wake up though to pull us out of bed and get our minds straight fast so we are not wasting time dragging our feet in a groggy state. 

For some of us motivation will come in music or motivational videos, a few deep breaths, or the smell of coffee. 

For others the motivation that drives our badass morning routine might be focusing on our “why”. 

Whatever it is, we need to get it rolling as soon as we wake up.

I find it helpful to use an app that make my alarm motivational speeches, then I make my coffee and put my earbuds in and let those motivational speeches keep rolling through my morning and even throughout my day.

Motivation will not always be there. If we wait for motivation we will never get the health or life we want. However, we have triggers that can help.

When those triggers don’t quite do the trick is when we really have to dig deep, and that is what will separate those who achieve what they want from those who don’t.

Plan Out the Day

When we plan out the day we need to do it quickly and with intention of deciding what we have to do to get closer to our goals today.

Planning our day – everyday – allows us to take control of our lives. 

Again, make it quick. This is not about obsessing over details, it is actually about letting go.

Taking a couple minutes in the morning to plan out our day and recognize our big goals for the day allows us to also recognize what things might prevent us from achieving them throughout the day.

Maybe we realize that lunch with an associate is going to be more about gossip than improvement. 

It might be that we realize that time we were going to spend watching television actually stops us from improving our relationships with our families. 

It could mean that those drinks after work aren’t only going to crash our diets, but also takes away the time we could be using to exercise.

Planning the day in the morning is not about becoming a robot and obsessing about what we are going to do every fifteen minutes.

Planning the day is about recognizing our goals and realizing the crap we have to let go of to achieve them.

Get into the Present

Wait, weren’t we just planning our day? Yeah, now forget it.

For the sake of our happiness and mental health we have to let our moments have their time. 

Overweight? Worry about it when eating or exercising.

Going broke? Get focused on it when spending, budgeting, and making money.

Having a great moment with your family? Live in it, absorb it, and don’t let the problems ruin it.

We all have problems, but if we only focus on fixing the problems we will never recognize the good moments. 

Give each moment its attention.

Different people use different methods to help with this.

The practice of meditation can help us learn how to get back into the moment when we start to get out of it. 

This is a great moment for us to take just one minute and focus on our breath, our body, and just feeling in the moment. 

And, meditation in the morning is a practice, because when the problems start to take time that is not theirs in the day, it is game time. 

When the problems start creeping up during the good moment with family, it is time for us to use our learned meditation skills to get back into the moment. 

We can’t let our problems steal our good moments from us. 

Get Laser Focused

Once we have got ourselves in the moment, it is time to get laser focused on what we are after.

We have to use this time to acknowledge our goals, why we want them, and how we are going to get them. 

This is a good time to open our journals, write them down everyday, and really soak in every word.

What we focus on expands. If we don’t make time to be intentional about getting focused on the people we want to be and things we want to do everyday, something else will steal our focus and expand to fill the space where our goals should be.

We have to really narrow in on why we want our goals at this time also. The big why.

This sounds like an easy step to skip, but that would be a major mistake. 

Many of us have skipped this step a lot and that is why we find that, even though we kind of know what direction we need to go in order to get closer to our goals, we still aren’t getting closer, day after day and year after year.

Whether it is weight loss, strength gain, relationships, or our financial health, we will not just stumble into our goals. It doesn’t work like that.

We need to make sure we get laser focused on our goals and the next steps we need to take everyday in order to have a badass morning routine that sets us up for productivity and happiness.

Fuel the Body

Intermittent fasters can go ahead and skip this step. 

However, a lot of us aren’t intermittent fasting, we are just skipping breakfast, and just to be clear, that is not the same. One is intentional and the other one is something we are just letting happen to us.

It is time to stop just letting things happen to us. 

If we are not intermittent fasting, we need to make sure we are picking the right foods that will fuel our body for the day.

Unfortunately, cinnamon rolls and captain crunch are not proper fuel. This is a fact I find very depressing, so now I am going to give that it’s moment. 

Okay, anyways, what we choose to eat for breakfast depends on what we can remain consistent with, which will be different for all of us.

However, we need to make sure our morning routine includes keeping our body healthy and energized, to have the power to do what needs to be done.

So, we just have to make sure we are getting a healthy balance of protein, healthy fats, and some slow release carbs to help avoid a crash. 

This is also a good time to take a vitamin for anyone who does that. 

When taking any supplement though, we should take a minute to at least halfway understand what is in it so we aren’t wasting money on something that isn’t actually beneficial. Just something to keep in mind.


Exercising in the morning allows us to actually get into action.

Some people don’t like doing their full workouts in the morning, and that is fine.

This doesn’t have to be your long run or strength training workout, it can simply be some pushups, a walk, jumping rope, yoga, or whatever you find helps you get your heart pumping and your body into action in the morning.

It is suggested however that our big workouts of the day are either in the morning or evening routines to prevent them from getting washed out in the distractions of the day.

Newton’s 1st law of motion “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force” applies here. 

And by the way, sometimes we will be acted upon by an unbalanced force. However, that is why we develop habits that create our morning routine.

Even when we get knocked down one day, the next morning we get a fresh start and will put ourselves right back into motion.

When we get ourselves into motion first thing in the morning on our own terms, we have given ourselves a kickstart for staying in motion the rest of the day.

On top of that, exercising increases our alertness, energy, focus, and mood. 

Literally, while exercising in the morning routine, something a lot of us claim we can’t make time for, we are improving our productivity and mood for the entire day.

Taking the time to exercise in our morning routines could be what creates the time for all the other things we always claim to be “too busy” to do. (Busy sitting on our asses).

Smile and Go

Yes, really. Smile. 

Smiling is something we should actually focus on doing often, it will boost our mood and by making it habit, can help in several other areas of life.

Daily Carnegie wrote, “Your smile brightens the lives of all who see it. To someone who has seen a dozen people frown, scowl, or turn their faces away, your smile is like the sun breaking through the clouds.”

Remember talking about being in the moment? At this point we have killed a badass morning routine and it is time to take off with our day. 

Smile, be happy, be in the moment. This is what success feels like.

We took the actions and did some things to better ourselves while most other people are stressing about the day or even still in bed.

Be in the moment, feel the success, and get on with killing the day.